Tax Return Progress Key

Throughout our tax preparation process your return will pass through different milestones.  

These milestones are based on tasks that need to be completed and status emails that you will receive as we progress through our work on your returns.  

As these tasks are completed and/or you receive these status emails, you can check the progress on your returns below.

Task: Sign Client Agreement to Respond Timely to Requests in Portal
Once Signed 10%
Task: Sign Engagement Letter and Consent to Use Documents in Portal
Once Signed 15%
Task: Complete Organizer(s) in Portal and Upload Documents
Organizers Completed 20%
Status Email: Documents Received
Uploaded documents will be compared to organizers. 30%
Status Email: Missing Documents Requested
Task: You need to upload documents. Returns will not move until docs uploaded. 40%
Status Email: Moved to Queue
Your returns have been moved to our queue waiting for their turn to move to processing. 50%
Status Email: Ready to Process
Your preparer is preparing your returns. Watch the portal for questions or requests. 60%
Status Email: Internal Review
Andrea is reviewing your returns for accuracy. 70%
Status Email: Client Review & Approval
Task: You need to review your draft returns and approve them in the portal. 80%
Status Email: Signature Request & Invoice Sent
Task: You need to sign your documents and pay your invoice in the portal. 90%
Status Email: Returns E-Filed
You will receive an email with Balance Due Instructions or Refund Information. 95%
Status Emails: E-Filed Returns Accepted (FED and State)
You will receive emails stating that your e-filed returns have been accepted by the IRS and state agencies. 98%
Status Email: Final Documents are uploaded to your portal.
You will receive an email letting you know that your Final Documents have been uploaded to your portal. You can download your returns for your records. 100%