Our Tax Process

Please familiarize yourself with our tax process. We can finalize your tax returns completely online from the convenience of your home.



Please click on the Contact Us tab and follow the directions. You will be asked to sign up for our secure portal and complete a new client application.  Further steps will be explained during this process.  



The quality of your tax return and the timeliness of its preparation depend strongly on obtaining all your tax documents and information. Starting with information based on last year’s tax return, you can begin gathering your tax documents for this year.

A VALID email address for each signer on your returns is REQUIRED to begin tax preparation. We will also require two forms of identification on file.

Client Agreement to Respond Timely to Requests (REQUIRED) – We require each client to agree to respond to our requests in a timely manner.  Our work is dependent on the timeliness of your responses. You will be able to e-sign this agreement in the client portal before we begin the process.

Client Engagement Agreement (REQUIRED) – The IRS ethical guidelines and our professional liability insurance require client engagement agreements. This document will be available as soon as your Client Agreement to Respond Timely to Requests has been signed.  You will be able to e-sign this agreement in the client portal.  A signed agreement is required before we prepare your returns.

Client Consent to Use Agreement (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) – We prefer to have a signed copy of the Consent to Use agreement on file as this grants us the ability to talk to the IRS and yourself about your returns after your returns have been filed.  This document will be available as soon as your Client Agreement to Respond Timely to Requests has been signed.  You will be able to e-sign this agreement in the client portal.  A signed agreement is requested before we prepare your returns.

Tax Organizer (REQUIRED) – An organizer will be available on your client portal as soon as your Engagement and Consent documents have been signed.  All questions must be answered before we proceed to prepare your returns.  You may receive more than one organizer based on your specific situation.  NOTE:  This organizer is different from what we have used in the past.  You will now have access to a smart organizer that will ask questions based on your answers as you complete the organizer.


Once all required documents have been received, your tax preparation will begin. Our system will provide emailed updates as we move through each stage of processing so that you always know where your return is in our process. 

Preparation & Internal Review of Your Return – Upon receiving all your documents, we will begin preparing your return and determine if there is any missing data or anything that needs clarification. The preparer will follow up with you on any questions through the chat function on the portal.  You will receive email notifications of document and information requests that have been added to your portal. Please respond as soon as possible through the portal to preparer requests so that we can keep our processes moving for all of our clients.

Online Client Review – Once tax returns are ready for review, we will upload a copy to the secure client portal and send you an email with instructions depending on the kind of review you request in your Tax Organizer.  After your review, if changes are requested, an updated return will be uploaded to the portal for a final approval.

If you have questions or comments regarding your returns, you can contact your preparer directly through the portal.  We ALWAYS want you to understand your tax returns and feel comfortable about the information being filed. 

Signatures & Payment Processed – Once you review and approve your tax returns, you are in the homestretch! Just complete these final two steps and you are all set!

  1. Pay tax prep fees electronically. Full payment is required before e-filing.
  2. Give us permission to e-file your taxes by e-signing the authorization forms that we provide through the secure portal. Signed authorizations are required before e-filing. 

Electronic Filing – Once we have received your signed e-file authorization forms and payment for our services has been received, your tax return(s) will be e-filed.  Within a few days after e-filing, you will receive a confirmation email from our team advising you that your tax returns have been acknowledged, received & accepted from the appropriate tax agencies.  If there is an issue with your e-filing, we will troubleshoot and contact you if we are in need of more information.  *In the rare event your tax returns cannot be e-filed, we will contact you directly to make arrangements.

Access to Your Tax Returns & Tax Documents – Once the IRS and the State accept your e-filed tax returns, we will upload the FINAL copy of your tax returns to the secure client portal. We encourage you to download and keep your final returns in your records for 6 years.  *Paper Copies of Your Returns are available for an additional fee. Pdf copies of your returns are provided as part of our service.


At that point, our Tax Engagement with you is complete! 

If you are looking for additional help throughout the year, please contact us in regards to tax planning or tax consultation.