After witnessing the ongoing challenges faced by numerous churches in regards to ineffective payroll processing, our team recognized the need for a new solution.  We’ve seen too many instances of payroll giants who claimed to specialize in clergy payroll making expensive mistakes, and in-house teams that lack the necessary expertise and resources struggling to manage the task.  Furthermore, we understand the frustration employees experience due to prolonged waiting periods for rectified W-2 forms.  That’s why we believe change is necessary.

Managing clergy payroll requires expertise in a unique field.  While some payroll services claim to handle church payroll, they often lack knowledge about the specific regulations and tax laws that apply to ministers and other church employees.  Our team, however, is well-versed in these rules and laws, ensuring that your clergy and other church workers receive accurate and timely compensation, saving you valuable time and avoiding any unnecessary frustration.

Our budget-friendly, full in-house payroll service with our payroll specialist includes:

Payroll Setup

Flexible Payroll

Benefits and Deductions

Payroll Reports

Federal, State and Local Filing

Scheduling Tax Deposits

W-2’s and 1099’s

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