Our Mission and Values

Yahr Income Tax is based around the idea that our community, our employees and everyone we serve, should be allowed to experience taxes in a positive way. We believe that by using our HEART, we can educate and support our clients on anything they need whilst staying true to our call.

HHeart to Serve – Since the beginning of YIT, we have been devoted to serving a variety of people, but we specialize in the ministry. We have a heart to serve those who need it and we hope that we can help you, too.

EEducate and Support – We want to reach those in our community who weren’t able to learn about taxes, bookkeeping, or personal finance until they needed to know. Filing your taxes shouldn’t have to be difficult or stressful.

AAppreciate Clients Individual Needs – Dealing with the variety that we do, we know that all of our clients come from different backgrounds with varying careers and income. We strive to make sure each individual is comfortable with the process and taken care of.

RResponsive and Respectful Communication – Respect is always our goal when interacting with our clients, keeping a professional but friendly manner. We don’t like to waste time, so expect us to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. 

TTrue to Our Call – Most of our staff being part of the ministry in some way means that our desire to help and stay close to God are one and the same. You can trust us in the same way that we trust God.